Stop Brexit NOW – letter to my MP

Dear Mr. Sobel,

I am writing to you to underline very firmly my view that it is your immediate responsibility in Parliament to act to stop Brexit.

Do not reply to me with the notion that a democratic mandate exists for Brexit. It does not.  You know full well that fundamental change to a constitutional status quo on the basis of merely 51.9% of those who voted – in a merely advisory referendum, enacted merely on an election franchise, not a full referendum franchise – is not legitimate procedure.

You know full well that 37.4% of eligible voters, with no vote for 16-17 year olds, ex-patriate citizens resident abroad for longer than 15 years, or long-term EU27 residents, other than from Ireland, Cyprus and Malta – followed by no independent process of debate and decision by MPs in Parliament – provides zero democratic basis for any decision of this country to leave the European Union. You know full well that neither the referendum nor the vote in Parliament to permit the Prime Minister in March this year to give notice under Article 50 constitutes any genuine decision of the UK to leave the European Union.

You know full well that David Cameron’s promise of a referendum was nothing more than a tactic to keep quiet the Europhobic zealots in his party and perhaps at the same time to win a few extra votes from UKIP supporters in the 2015 election – a device which spectacularly backfired. You in the Labour Party are no longer in a position to stand passively on the side in the face of this wreckage of our country at the hands of the Conservative Party’s Brexit extremists.  It is now your moral responsibility to intervene.

I am asking you to put aside your party’s silly rivalries with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. It is time for Members of all parties in Parliament to come together to stop this impending national disaster.  You must now move with all Members to require the Prime Minister to issue a plea of Revocation of Notice to the European Council – without delay.

I am not asking you to call for a second referendum. There is no time for this.  Before the expected cut-off date of 29 March 2019, there is practically and politically insufficient time for the Government to complete its negotiations, for a deal to be accepted by the national parliaments of all other member states of the European Union, for this deal then to be put to a referendum in our country in a correct process – with the option to Remain – and for all preparations to be made in the event of a second Leave vote.

The only option at this stage is for Parliament to take independent sovereign action to revoke the Article 50 Notice. After this, it will be Parliament’s and the Government’s task to rebuild trust with the electorate.  But the immediate national imperative is to stop Brexit.

As a political representative with powers vested in you to act in your own best judgement and not only as a delegate of the people, it is your right and above all your duty to do this – as I am sure you know.


Yours sincerely,

Austin Harrington


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